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The Fratelli Magro machine shop as you see it today is the result of entrepreneurial choices that have followed one another for several generations. A machine park capable of performing multiple processes, the top of the range of control instruments, a department dedicated to the assembly and repair of mechanical components and one dedicated to hydraulics.

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The flexibility of the production department allows the creation of prototypes, small lots or series of mechanical parts requested by the customer. The components produced by Fratelli Magro are intended for different industrial sectors, in the areas where it is possible to apply the principles of precision mechanics.

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Since 1923 the business continuity of the different generations of the Magro family has allowed the achievement of visible results today.

Customer service

Customer service

The artisanal dimension allows us to pay particular attention to the processes required, to perform special prototypes and / or small batches of special mechanical products, made according to the design and specifications of each customer.



The many years of experience of the technical office combined with 4.0 production technologies allows us to propose the most appropriate solutions to the customer and achieve the feasibility, precision and reliability objectives.

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